What's A Stoma Stencil?

It's a two part acrylic stencil made, in part, by hand to create a perfect, centered hole in the wafer part of your two-part stoma system. It is designed to create a precise, buffered circumfrence of your stoma, regardless the shape.

Simply upload an image of your stoma or stoma template you currently use, and you'll get:

  1. A custom acrylic stencil to cut your two-piece stoma wafer to within 1.5-2 milimeters of the circumfrence of your stoma (about 1/16")...or choose 2.5-3 millimeters (1/8") circumfrence.
  2. Choose between an exacto knife or hot knife cutting tool to cut the wafer.
  3. You can also order a custom acrylic stencil with a wider track to trace your stoma's outline in the wafer to cut manually.
1. Take the measuring picture with your phone.
2. Sign in and upload the picture. Then, wait for the package in the mail.